The girl in the train book summary

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the girl in the train book summary

The, girl on the

 Could Rachel somehow be involved? Michelle williams, hawkins dream acting choice for Rachel. Whether youre writing a novel or a screenplay, theres one thing youll almost certainly need to succeed and thats a compelling main character. I dont know if characters get more compelling than Rachel Watson. Imagine being inside the mind of a train wreck who does the most horrible things, but can justify each and every one of them, and maybe even convince you theyre not so terrible too. At one point in the story, rachel steals a baby. Let me repeat that. The main character stealaby.

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Rachel, excited to actually have a purpose in life again, goes to the police to inform them about the man she saw outside with Jess (real name: Megan). But they dismiss her as a sad middle-aged drunk woman. Its for this reason that Rachel must take on the case by herself. Well, at least in her opinion that. The book jumps back and forth between the points of view of Anne (Rachels replacement megan (the missing woman before she goes missing and of course, rachel. What thesis makes the investigation so fascinating is that Rachel is wasted half the time, so shes just about the most unreliable narrator ever. She wakes up each morning only vaguely remembering the night before, making her investigation a puzzle where all the pieces are upside-down. The whole time were excited as we get closer to the answer. But were always wondering: Can we really trust anything we know here? Or is Rachel just a sad lonely woman whos making this all up? Or is the answer much worse?

We learn very quickly that Rachel isnt exactly stable. Then one day, everything changes. As shes passing by in the train, she sees Jess outside her house with another man. Her fantasy world destroyed, shes unable to process this information for days. However, its what happens after that really shakes her foundation. Jess goes missing, and no one has any information on what happened to her. No one, that is, but Rachel.

the girl in the train book summary

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And oh yeah, shes rarely sober. The lone light in Rachels life is Jason and Jess, a perfect couple who live in a house she passes on the train every day. The two are always outside, kissing, hugging, living that perfect life rachel once had. Of course, their real names arent Jason and Jess. Those are the pretend names Rachel has given them, which seems appropriate, given her happiness exists only in a fantasy world she creates. Rachel first noticed Jason and Jess because their home is a few houses down from where she used to live. Her ex-husband still lives there, now with his perfect replacement wife, anne. Rachel would like to say that shes a big girl whos moved on from that world. But the truth is, she gets drunk kites every night and stalks her husband, both on the phone and at the house.

I dont say that easily. Gone girls amazing first half and mid-point twist help it win the first half of the book award. But whereas Gone girl starts running out of steam once it leads to its inevitable conclusion, Train only gets better as its climax approaches. That was always my big problem with Gone girl the book, and then the movie. As much as Gillian Flynn tried to convince us that her dark weird ending was the way she preferred it, it was clear that she simply wrote herself into a corner confirmed later in an interview where she confesses to not outlining one of the. The girl On The Train has no such issues. Middle-aged Rachel Watson has pretty much given up on life. She ruined her marriage to the perfect man by drinking too much, then watched as he moved into the arms of a younger prettier woman. Rachel moved out of town, got fat, and now rides the train every day to a job she doesnt have anymore, but which she must pretend to have in order to keep her flatmate from kicking her out of her apartment.

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the girl in the train book summary

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Hawkins says of how she came up with the idea: i used to commute when I was a journalist, from the edges of London. I loved looking into peoples houses. The train went really close by apartments, so you could see. I never reviews saw anything shocking, but I wondered, if you saw anything out of the ordinary, an act of violence, who would you tell and would anyone believe you? Dreamworks has optioned the book, although the film doesnt have a star or director attached yet.

That could change soon. The book now has 10,000 Amazon reviews (Gone girl had 20,000 when david Fincher became attached). Writer: paula hawkins, details: 326 pages, just Monday we had a guest author chime in on how much freedom one has when writing a novel being able to play with the narrative, taking different points of view and boy does todays novel support that claim. There will be, of course, people who shrug The girl On The Train off as a gone girl clone, a book that came along at just the moment Gone girl movie mania was sweeping the nation. The novel, like gone girl, is a crime-thriller, takes us through different points of view in regards to a missing woman, and, in case you hadnt noticed, has the word Girl in the title. But what might surprise you is that Train is better than Gone girl.

Her shabby looks and her defeated demeanor, she fears, suggest to others that she is damaged goods. She cannot imagine that anyone would find her attractive and, as a result, cannot blame her husband for leaving her. Like the clothes near the tracks, she feels worn and unattractive, abandoned by her husband. His voice on the phone, while gentle and supportive, very clearly tells her that he has moved on, that she is no longer a part of his life, and that she needs to move on as well. Her pain over his message becomes palpable when she squeezes a cut on her finger so hard that it begins to bleed, as if to suggest that every time the train passes by her old house, an old wound is torn open. The beginning pages set the novel's structure, pace, and tone.

The reader expects that the novel will follow Rachel's routine on the commuter train every morning and evening, monday through Friday, relating her perspective on life along the tracks. The houses on Blenheim road rush past while rachel sits by the window, watching, like a voyeur rather than an actor, from the outside looking in, not partaking. Book review The girl on the Train . Watch queue, queue _count total loading. Transcript, the interactive transcript could not be loaded. Genre: Crime-Thriller, premise: An alcoholic woman who becomes obsessed with a couple whose home she passes every day on the train, is convinced she knows what happened when the woman in the relationship goes missing. About: This is paula hawkins first official novel, but she has written a few chick-lit books under a pseudonym, although you couldnt get her to tell you the titles if you tried. A former financial analyst and journalist, hawkins explains. The girl On The Train as her last-ditch attempt at becoming a novelist.

Train by paula hawkins, book

She still thinks of the house she friendship shared with metamorphosis her ex-husband as her house, although he now shares it with his new wife and their baby. This suggests that she has not yet overcome and moved on from their breakup. In her imagination, jason and Jess, the couple living in the house down the road, represent what she and Tom used. In fact they are what she still longs to be: a perfectly happy young couple with plans for the weekend. In contrast she has nothing to look forward to when she goes to london in the morning or when she goes home to Ashbury in the evening. One evening when she calls Tom and tells him that she still loves him, it becomes clear that their breakup was not her idea and may in part have been caused by her drinking and by her erratic behavior when drunk. Rachel feels guilty about her drinking, about her behavior when she is drunk, and about the way she has let herself. Her low self-esteem becomes all too clear when she imagines that other people find her distasteful because she has put on weight and has become puffy from all the drinking.

the girl in the train book summary

Yet she admits that she doesn't know their professions; in fact, she doesn't even know their names. She imagines them to be what she and Tom used. As she passes by her former house on Thursday morning, she remembers that when she was drunk short the night before, she called Tom and told him she still loves him. Relatively speaking, this isn't as bad as the many other things she's done under the influence, like swinging at Tom with a golf club during a fight and damaging a wall or being sent home from work because she was drunk. That evening on the train she gets a call from Tom, and he tells her that she needs to stop calling him and needs to go to an aa meeting instead. Analysis, right from the start, a sense of loneliness and loss oozes off the pages when Rachel, the first-person narrator, describes a pile of colorful clothes discarded near the train tracks. The clothes are as out of place near the tracks as Rachel feels in Cathy's apartment. She is a temporary lodger in somebody else's house.

train moves on, rachel refuses to look at the house up the street: 23 Blenheim road is the house she used to share with Tom. Now he lives there with Anna and their baby. Rachel lives in the spare bedroom of a duplex belonging to cathy, a casual college friend who offered temporary lodging after Rachel's divorce. On Wednesday morning Rachel cannot see jess or her husband Jason. She imagines that Jason, a doctor, is away on business, and that Jess, a painter, is upstairs painting.

Jakób finds her years later, their bond still strong despite years of separation. Readers will adore intrepid Gretl and strong jakób in this story of war, redemption, and love. Summary, on Friday english morning, july 5, 2013, rachel rides the commuter train between London and Ashbury. She notices a pile of clothes left discarded near the track. In the evening Rachel is back on the train, sipping gin and tonic. She remembers her first-ever holiday with Tom and the things they used to do on the weekends. Thinking of the empty weekend ahead, she drinks more. On Monday morning, july 8, 2013, rachel is back on the train. From her usual spot she has a good view of trackside house number.

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From red the Afrikaans by Elsa silke. Thomas Nelson,.99 isbn. South African native joubert brings her country to life in this tale that begins in Poland at the twilight of World War ii and ends deep in the south African bushveld. Jakób Kowalski is a member of the polish Home Army, tasked with blowing up a nazi troop train. But a train carrying Jews to a death camp crosses the tracks first, and all aboard are killed except for Gretl and Elza schmidt, sisters who escape the train just before the explosion. Gretl ends up under jakóbs care in his family home, but with German and Russian troops patrolling Poland, jakób sends Gretl to south Africa for adoption. After being adopted, she becomes Grietjie neethling, the beloved daughter of Oom Bernard and Tannie kate neethling. Grietjie begins to learn Afrikaans and English and studies scripture at Sunday school, all the while dreaming of one day leaving for college and reconnecting with jakób.

The girl in the train book summary
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  3. The girl on the Train m/ book /show/ the-girl -on-the- train? Hawkinss book is the most deftly executed suspense novel of the bunch, however. Why everyone s Talking About the girl On The Train).

  4. Find a summary of this and each chapter of The girl on the Train! South African native joubert brings her country to life in this tale that begins in Poland at the twilight of World War ii and ends deep in the south African bushveld. Change that Amazon link from The girl on the Train to your own book! I wont do the chapter any justice in my summary.

  5. Analysis This is a, summary. Analysis of, the girl on the, train, paula hawkins debut novel, the girl on the, train is a suspenseful thriller filled wit. Summary for paula hawkins s, the girl on the, train, rachel chapter 1 summary.

  6. Thrillers ( books the girl on the, train by paula hawkins review a skilful memory-loss thriller. The girl on the, train is much younger. The girl on the, train, a novel by paula hawkins, summary. Analysis, the girl on the, train, a novel by paula hawkins, summary.

  7. Book, club is coming up again next month and i ve put together. The girl on the, train, discussion questions so everyone can join online and add their thoughts! the girl on the, train review Emily Blunt stars in adaptation of paula hawkins bestseller.

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