Inventory management system thesis

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inventory management system thesis

Sales and inventory system thesis documentation pdf

Every customer is an inspiration to us and we endeavor to keep that inspiration intact by creating healthier, happier communities. Truly, building enduring relationships is much more than a slogan. With a passion for creating value to the customers Radha realty has come up with one successful real estate development after another in Hyderabad. Radha realty has undertaken some of the largest projects in plotted development and gated communities so far in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Some of the prestigious projects Oxygen City, maple town and Town Homes, dews Ville speak for what Radha realty stands for. Radha realty is planning to take up signature villa developments aimed at premium segment of the market as well as apartments for first time buyers. The affordable housing segment would be tailormade for the requirements of urban communities providing lifestyle amenities to make them feel comfortable.

Sales and inventory system thesis pdf

The abc analysis, vendor rating, selection criteria, financial comparisons through procurement and other techniques used in controlling the project cost and its timely completion in the ongoing project of Radha realty located in Hyderabad. The main objectives of our project study are :. To study how inventory reporting management practices play an important role in supporting other activities of an organization. To find out the techniques for vendor selection. Applying tools and techniques of inventory classification in real life situation. Finding inventory requirement at different stages of construction project or over Project Life cycle (PLC). Study of reliable local material utilization in a construction project. Stock maintenance: Practice of A class Inventories. Current inventory practices of real Estate developers a case study 2 National Institute of Construction Management and Research, hyderabad. Chapter 2 introduction of the company radha realty corp Pvt. Ltd.1 overview founded in 1997 with more than a decade of empicable track record to its credit, radha realty corp Pvt Ltd contributed to realty boom in Hyderabad.

How much to purchase? From where to purchase? Where to store and so on? The purpose of inventory management is to keep the stocks in a manner that neither there writing shall be over-stocking nor under-stocking. The investments in inventory should be kept in reasonable limits so that he primary purpose shall be accomplished and it is let the work shall not stop. In the initial stage of the construction project, the organization has to plan, schedule and implement for materials, machinery and resources required. When it comes to the materials for a scheduled project, planning engineer and the project manager must derive the materials required using the relevant techniques available. Lets say, the (EOQ) economic order quantity for a particular activity can be calculated and meet the requirements. This frame work is about the case study on the inventory and risk management in the projects life cycle.

inventory management system thesis

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Case study objective current Inventory management Practices of real Estate developers (a case Study) In the due course of the project life cycle inventory management plays a major role in controlling vietnamese the project cost. In order to carry forward the project as scheduled and keep it within the scheduled budget, risk management gears up in minimizing the damage that might cause in the project life cycle. The purpose of inventory management is to ensure availability of materials in sufficient quantity as and when required and also to minimise investment in inventories. Current inventory practices of real Estate developers a case study 1 National Institute of Construction Management and Research, hyderabad. Inventory management is necessary for every management to give proper attention to inventory management. A proper planning of purchasing, handling, storing and accounting should form a part of inventory management. An efficient disadvantages system of inventory management will determine four vital factors.

No. Chapter 4 to study how inventory management practices to find out the techniques for vendor selection Applying tools and techniques Finding inventory requirement at different stages Study of reliable local material utilization Stock. Chapter l introduction current Inventory management Practices of real Estate developers (a case Study) As a part of nicmar's pgp acm program, we had an opportunity to study an important aspect of the construction process which is inventory management. The project encouraged us to build our skill towards the material management and its trigger areas. The Opportunity to visit construction site encouraged us to correlate between the book and practices, where the required materials are placed properly in their respective yards making it feasible for the staff in collecting them for the proposed use and educated us that the Inventory. Through this platform we were not only exposed to inventory management and its database, but also able to understand that the costs can be substantial to store and move inventory. Innovative methods, such as Just-in-Time inventory control, can save costs and move products and services to customers with less wait time. The experience encouraged us to learn the tricks and traits of the inventory practices of the developer. Thus, enabling ourselves to face the relevant challenges after the completion of our pgp program.

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inventory management system thesis

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Their constant encouragement and guidance provided us infinite motivation throughout the thesis work. D abstract we framed our project Current Inventory practices of real estate developers with Radha realty's one of the ongoing project 'maple town' in Hyderabad. During the course of our project we were able to study the material flow in the construction sector as per the scheduled activity and requirement. As per our project's focus we made a positive attempt to analyze the flow of materials throughout the project in terms of its usage as per the oncoming requirement of the proposed activity. Primarily Inventory management is about specifying the size and placement of stocked goods at various stages of the project. Inventory management is required at different locations within a facility smoking or within multiple locations of a supply network to protect the regular and planned course of production against the random disturbance of running out of materials or goods yielding in profits. The material layout also avoids confusion and risks thereby creating a safe atmosphere in the construction site.

The role of material management in various organizational functional activities such as material purchasing decision, material forecasting, material planning and budgeting, selection of potential information from sources are identified as key learnings of the project. Also, inventory management with direct linkage with other functional areas of management such as tmq, hrm, it etc and application of tools techniques of inventory classification in the real life situation that elaborates on stock levels and rating analysis. We also took a stand to find out the techniques to select vendors and various aspects in source selection stressing on the local source who is in a reachable limit from the construction site, with its positive and negative analysis since the key to successful. The graphical representation of our analysis is a result of the work we carried through our project. It educates the trigger points, the point which helps the staff in charge creating an order for the material so that the work shall not stop. Index. contents biography chapter 1 Introduction Case study objective chapter 2 Introduction leadership team Current project Contact address Chapter 3 About maple town Amenities Club facilities Facilities.

We declare that the thesis titled current, inventory, practices of real estate developers a case study is a bonafide work carried out by us under the guidance of Prof. Further, we declare that this has not formed the basis of award of any degree, diploma, associate ship or other similar degree or diploma and has not been submitted anywhere else. T rajesh uba ravinder reddy. D, roll.233084 Roll.233085 Roll.233092. Signature signature signature, date: Place: Hyderabad, acknowledgement.

The research thesis is a team work and the satisfaction that accompanies the successful completion of this task would be incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible. Though it is possible to thank them personally, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to them. We are deeply indebted and highly obliged to our thesis guide Prof. Rajiv gupta, head of acm, nicmar, hyderabad, without whose help we couldnt have started the thesis and would not have got any lead for whom to approach and the methodology to be followed and for guiding and correcting us on the right track. We also extend our deep gratitude. Govardhan Reddy, executive director dharshan Reddy, gm-projects, radha realty, hyderabad, for his valuable suggestions and support in carrying out the thesis work in the right path. We would also thank Prof. Ramana, dean-In-Charge, nicmars-cisc, i hari, deputy dean, nicmars-cisc for their supporting nature. We would like to thank our friends studying in various institutes all over the country in providing us with the relevant data and the references required for the successful completion of the thesis Last but not the least we would like to thank our parents.

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Pgpacm xxiii batch 2009-11, universities national institute of construction, management. Certificate, this is to certify that the thesis titled current, inventory, practices of real estate developers a case study is u rajesh kumar the bonafide work of: and. T shreedhar (Roll. 233085 d ravinder reddy (Roll. 233092) in taxi partial fulfillment of academic requirements for the award of Post-Graduate Program in Advanced Construction. This work is carried out by them under my guidance and supervision. Date: Hyderabad, signature of the guide Prof. Rajiv gupta, head. R.Ramana, dean-In-Charge nicmars-cisc, declaration.

inventory management system thesis

available for analysis by management. The benefits to this type of system are obvious. First it is easier to maintain and utilize than a manual system. Entry of sales information is often as simple as scanning in the bar coded merchandise when it is delivered, and scanning the item at the check out counter when it is sold. This scanned information updates inventory records and also records cost and sale price. Current, inventory, practices of real estate developers, submitted by: reedhar. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of academic requirements for the award of Post-Graduate Program in Advanced Construction. Management, under the esteemed guidance of, prof Rajiv gupta, head. General Manager (Projects) Radha Infra Projects Ltd Hyderabad.

System ) has the capability to track, monitor and gives an alert if a specific product reaches the minimum allowance stock amount. A search index is also added for the users to easily track items from the warehouse that needs to be replenish which include the product location, availability, description and price of the item. Login account for different users will be created for database security purpose. The users that can access the system are Store manager and the Owner itself. The system will have a database that includes adding of new product and modifying and deleting existing product. The system will compute for mark-up prices. The system can also provide a hard letter copy of daily, monthly and yearly reports.

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1692 Words Mar 29th, 2011 7 Pages. Chapter i, introduction, background of the Study networking is an essential skill for most business people, but especially for entrepreneurs. The strong association between the entrepreneur as a person and his or her business demands that entrepreneurs should get out into the world and create paper and maintain business relationships. Is a marketing company conceptualized to provide unmatched quality distribution of exceptional products and services to local, regional and global markets. A harmony of advanced technology, distinct marketing strategies and excellent product lines, together with the guidance of exemplary leadership secures the success of aim global. Knowing for its success. Richard Cabautan joined the team of show more content, our proposed system (Advance sales and Supplies.

Inventory management system thesis
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